Our Process

Lerival emerged out of a simple desire: to connect architecture, and the pragmatic thinking that drives its creativity, to a wider audience. With a focus on targeted collaboration and the expansion of initial prototypes from nothing more than ideas, sketches and concepts, Lerival's process remains rooted in applied development, small-batch production, and local supply chains.

Our materials - just as our forms - are simple and clear, and our production processes are uncluttered, straightforward and driven by demand and intent. Local manufacturing, established technologies and native artisans support early-stage testing and small-batch fabrication, allowing output to benefit at once from hands-on expertise and attention to detail.

Honesty in process and production have always been at our core, allowing sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint to act as our ultimate drivers. The longevity potential of our products is therefore inherent to their materials and tectonics, and we do not believe that bigger and more is synonymous to better and braver. Sometimes, the value in local provides the best solution.