Infinity Bench

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The organic shape of this bench / table / recliner is the result of clever mathematics. The rings are serial, concentric hoops, like the layers of an onion, cut with CNC technology from less than 3.4 m2 of the highest furniture-grade plywood. The variations in diameter of the rings create a structurally stable, undulating sequence, available in two heights and infinite lengths.

Lead time is 4 to 10 weeks not including shipping, depending upon final order specifications. Item ships globally from the USA.


Flat sheet furniture grade plywood, clear poly finish for interior or exterior use.


Standard height is 13.25” (34 cm, shown above)

Also available in Table Height 17.25” (43.8 cm), ideal for indoor or outdoor dining (please specify outdoor use to ensure correct finish type).

Width is 23.5” (60 cm)

Standard Length is 63” (160 cm), custom lengths and formations available upon request.

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Infinity Bench
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