Modular Screen

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Inspired in part by camouflage patterns, Modular Screen is a space-defining system of perforated panels. Comprised of a series of four panel types, the system allows the pieces to overlap in a number of configurations. The result is a flexible hanging partition in which the layering of individual pieces de-emphasizes its modular nature.

This is a limited edition item. Please contact us at for further information.


NC milled high-density polyethylene. Standard colors are White/White, Dolphin Grey and Light Grey.


Width: Each panel is between 26" and 34" (between 66 cm and 86.4 cm)

Length: Each panel is between 48" and 56" (between 121.9 cm and 142.2 cm)

Thickness: Each panel is 0.25" (0.6 cm)                                                  

A standard set contains four panels (four perforation patterns and three colors - the fourth panel is a randomly selected repeat of the three standard colors). One set covers an approximate surface area of 4' by 6' (1.2 m by 1.8 m).

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Modular Screen
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